How long does it take to ship?

All our BOA’s are Made-To-Order and Made in the USA! We ask our buyers to give us a 8-9 business days before shipping to ensure our straps meet our strict quality requirements. 

How it’s measured?

We measure each BOA from one end of the loop to the other end of the loop. We also offer custom BOA lengths in increments of 5 inches, this comes with a fee of $7.00 for every 5 inches added. Please contact inquire@monarchstrap.com to place your custom order!

Why is the leather different from the website?

We work closely with our local leather shops, so each full grain leather is different. However, we try to match the color one another, which would be a darker stain. The slight difference brings a uniqueness to each BOA.

Our currently leather is featured on the, “Blue Moon Signature,” and the last several pictures of the, “BOA Wrist.”

*Updated: September 4, 2019

What length should I get?

It depends on your height and where you like your camera to sit. The average person is about 5 foot 8 inches tall, and if they like the camera to sit on their chest, then the 35 inch is perfect. For the average height person, the 40 inch strap will sit at the top of belly area, 45 will be about mid belly, with 50 inch straps reaching the waistline. Measuring tape works great for visual representation, from strap end to end around the neck.

Which connector should I get?

The 1/2" Split Rings are the go to for most cameras, such as the Leica M or any camera with a stud protruding out that has a hole for a ring to go in.

Hook Clips are good for DSLR's that have a bar, recessed at the top corner of each side.

We also have a Soft Loop Connector I recommend for the Leica SL camera. 

Hasselblad V connectors are great for your Hasselblad 500 series camera!

Why Monarch VII?

We hope to inspire a new found confidence with our users by sharing our values for the best resources in our products. Whether you believe in having the best or are planning for the worst, you'll have confidence with Monarch VII.

Why the premium?

You're paying for a handcrafted good, that's made to last through the abuse you put it through.

How long does each strap take to make? 

Each strap has around 6 hours of work put into it.  From the leather work, to the construction of the core. You're holding a piece of our time put into perfecting your strap.

Why use Paracord 550?

We often need gear that is able to function in a ways it wasn't quite intended to.  What’s unique about Paracord is it was designed to operate in ways outside of its initial intended use.  Paracord has answered millions of unexpected occasions in previous years and we believe this is the case for years to come.  Which is why Paracord was a great medium for us in offering products with both great form and function.

What kind of cameras does this work with?

Our straps are compatible with any camera that a 1/2" ring can be attached to. 

We now have Hook Rings for DSLR’s and cameras with a thin attachment point available too.

Can you make special connectors for ultra specific type cameras?

Yes. Please contact us at inquire@monarchstrap.com

Any other questions?

Click our contact page we would love to hear from you or sent a an email at inquire@monarchstrap.com